The Mike Adams Show is an award-winning, semi-regular, somewhat consistent live talk show event that takes place in Bloomington, Indiana, several times each year.  Every episode is hosted by Mike Adams and co-hosted by Addison & Lewis Rogers (yes, of Busman's Holiday, can you believe that?).  The first four episodes were taped in Jared's garage on a couple of smart telephones, then the show was moved to The Bishop and properly recorded by Community Access Television Services. Many famous and local celebrities have been guests on the show, each one very funny.    

S2E8: Mike and Addison welcome special guests Oreo Jones and Laura K. Balke to usher in the holiday season. A visit from the nefarious real estate developer, W.J. J.J. Grossnickle threatens to destroy the show...can Christmas come to the rescue? Featuring Nile Arena and Sam Torneo.

Season 2

S2E1 - Guests: Nate Powell, Mat Alano-Martin, & Sitcom Theatre

S2E4 Guests; Chaz Mottinger, Lil Bub w/ Matt Tobey & Mike Bridavsky, & Vollmar

S2E7 - Mike and Addison welcome guests Jenny Daniels-Edwards (Laura Stockwell), Owen Kempmeyer (Tim Felton), and Billy The 10 Year Old Boy (Erin Tobey)! With special guest appearances by BJ Sunfire, Santa Claus, and Lennon Beasley! And, as always, Lewis Rogers and His Magnificent Band (featuring Ben Lumsdaine)!

S2E2 - Guests: Sam McGranahan, Shaun Fleming, & Sleeping Bag

S2E5 - Live from LIMESTONE Comedy Festival! Guests: Mary Houlihan, Driftless Magazine, Erin Tobey.

S2E3 Guests: Kristin Londergan, David & Jennie Orr, David Britton, & Eric Ayotte

S2E6 - 4th Annual Christmas Special! Guests: Rep. Matt Pierce, Sharnayla Page Staler, and Durand Jones! With special appearances by Santa Claus, Billy (Erin Tobey), and Lennon Beasley!

Season 1

S1E2 - Guests: Erin Tobey, Eric Harvey, & Elephant Micah

S1E3 - Guests: Lil Bub, Jared Thompson, & Smedley Backed by Popular Demand

S1E4 - Guests: Jonathan Rado & Amy Auscherman

S1E5 - Guests: Dave Walter, Evan Whikehart, Rainbow Bakery, Gavin Smith, & Moor Hound

S1E6 - Adam Burkholder, Magnetic South, & Kam Kama

S1E7 - Guests: Jon Vickers, Stephen Westrich, & Cooked Books

S1E8 - Guests David Woodruff & Busman's Holiday

S1E9 - Guests: "End of the World" Jake Omen, Sam Sveen & Me Jane

S1E10 - Guests: Hopscotch Coffee, Jared Thompson & Advance Base!