Tan Van Tour Talk is the official talk-show-style podcast of Mike Adams At His Honest Weight. Episodes are recorded live in the van as Mike and The Boys barrel down the highways and byways of this once great nation. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in a super successful, regionally popular, semi-professional American Rock n Roll band? What's their daily life like? How do they do it? WHAT are they doing, exactly? Now is your chance to vicariously find out for yourself as you join Mike Adams At His Honest Weight in the Tan Van from the comfort of your own home.

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Season 26

All alone and caught in a jam, Mike calls his brother, Isaac, for some human contact and peace of mind.

After another long day of driving, Mike has finally landed on the beaches of north western Florida where he has no one to talk to.

Somehow Mike manages to blabber-on for over a half hour in a car all alone and by himself. Is he losing his mind, or did a lot happen to him? Only one way to find out…strap in, bb!

High highs, and low lows. Mike spends this hour raving about New Orleans and the beautiful people he encountered there, followed by the nosedive into Lafayette where he was swiftly put in his place.

Mike welcomes very special guest and friend of the show, Addison Rogers, to keep him company. They mostly talk about genre-movie marathon ideas including Military Comedies and Sports and/or basketball comedies.

Of all the times for the car to malfunction, in the middle of the podcast seems to be par for the course for Mike, considering the night he just had in San Antonio…

Mike, still alone, recounts his Fort Worth experience, and answers your questions

The end of the tour. Mike reflects on the previous nights’ shows, and recaps the tour in general while also taking stock of his current physical and emotional state after 10 days on the road alone.

Season 25

Tan Van is back, and so are we! We ease into this technologically challenged episode to talk about starting up the tour, playing in Cleveland, and things that looked bigger when you were younger but look kind of small now that you’re older.

A weird one! We’ve been in NY for two days, which means very little van time, but we make due. (“Live at Alphaville” collage courtesy of Todd Jasko).

Sometimes being on tour can really wring a guy out, ya know? It’s Mike’s birthday, and The Boys need to air some dirty laundry….

Unfortunately, the tour has warranted more complaining. But, David attempts to keep it positive….

…in which The Boys rub elbows with King Crimson at a gas station Starbucks®

I’m extremely happy to report that on today’s episode, The Boys have a lot to be thankful for…

The tour has come to an end, and The Boys are excitable as they make the last leg of their journey toward home.

Season 24

Something has gone wrong with the recording, so this episode sounds a little rougher than usual. But, just like with humanity, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and this show is packed with the good stuff. Mainly, we forget to get paid, drive 20 minutes, then have to turn around and go back to get the money. Very embarrassing stuff.

Season 23

The Boys are back in Tan! It’s been nine months since The Boys have played a show, so there’s a LOT to get to in this episode, including; extensive coverage of Jared’s diet so far today, Mike’s family’s harrowing tale of being trapped in the top of the Gateway Arch, Zac and Ben’s ongoing feud…Oh, and “water” is called “toad” now. Join us.

After a long night in Fort Wayne eating cheese, The Boys are tired and at each others’ throats. Topics include; Mike’s broken leg, Planet Fitness, mental health, and where to eat dinner tonight. *Editor’s note* Ben vetoed the dinner location, and then ultimately didn’t even show up.

Season 22

The Boys’ tour with Busman’s Holiday begins with a nice and easy day off. Topics during today’s drive include, new Celebrity Takedowns®, a brand new segment called “Surprise”, James Dean’s famous book of limericks and much, much more!

Day two of The Boys’ tour finds them planted firmly inside Kurt’s bizarre computer simulation of life full of weird and inexplicable stuff. Today’s topics include Chipotle®’s new queso dip, passage through a couple of tunnels, fidget spinners and more. Tom Petty may or may not have died during this recording.

Kurt’s relentless and maddening simulated universe continues to wig out the sims as The Boys barrel down the interstate discussing such matters as Jared’s fanny pack contents, Playgirl Magazine®, James Dean’s exhumed remains, and more!

It’s getting silly in here. Jump into the van as The Boys shine a light on such matters as doorless bathroom stalls, fancy hotel rooms, finding romance for Mark, and how much espresso machines cost. Oh, and more, too!

The Boys did not travel today, BUT, here is a live recording of the show they played at the Mercury Lounge in New York City. What fun!

The hits just keep on coming! Hop in the van, let’s talk about trying new things, the intricate workings of a big city cable access channel, a catch-phrase-shouting penis, and so much more!

It’s very early in the morning as The Boys barrel toward the Fountain Square Music Festival. Today’s topics include trying in vain to convince Addison Rogers NOT to party, what Blade Runner® is, and Mark meets God.