Mike Adams Takes Manhattan* (The Best Show, Dave Hill, and more!)

(* well, ok, it was Jersey City, but still, you get the picture)

Flannelgraph Jared and I took a whirlwind trip out east earlier this week. We had a blast rubbing elbows, greasing palms, and dodging scammers. Probably the most fun we had was going on to two of our favorite radio programs to promote our causes and become big big stars. 

Monday night we went on The Goddamn Dave Hill Show on the legendary WFMU where I went toe-to-toe with Yngdave vis-a-vis, debilitating medical ailments. It's alarming how much fun we had, and Dave even invited me to play a couple of tunes. I happily obliged. You can listen to the whole show RIGHT HERE right now in podcast form. 

Then, on Tuesday night we stopped by the fabled The Best Show with Tom Scharpling and had a heck of a time. Not only did we get to hang with Tom, AP Mike, Dudio, and Pat, but to our pleasant surprise, the night's real guests were IVY Leaguers John Hodgman and Hayes Davenport! Then, as if that wasn't enough, Tom invited little old me on to the show for a brief interview and to sing my cover of Roger Miller's "Old Toy Trains". It was a real dream night, and you if you missed it live, you can experience the entire thing RIGHT HERE! Or, it's also a part of this big old archive of unbelievable great stuff.