July 2016 Tour Announcement

Lots of tour dates coming up this month (including shows with incredible bands like Harpooner, Valley Lodge, Honey Radar, Advance Base and Jeremy Enigk!)

Ticket links and more individual show information can be found here. Now, you don't know this, but beneath this building lies the Pet Sematary*...no, wait, I mean, beneath these words lies the gist of the tour dates.

7/13 - Nashville, TN
7/14 - Chattanooga, TN
7/15 - Atlanta, GA
7/16 - Charlotte, NC
7/17 - Chapel HIll, NC
7/18 - WFMU.org
7/19 - Brooklyn, NY
7/20 - Boston, MA
7/21 - Philadelphia, PA
7/22 - Columbus, OH
7/31 - Chicago, IL (matinee)
7/31 - Indianapolis, IN  

(*you guys like the RAMONES? I do. End of the Century might be my favorite Rock Doc, but who knows??)